Business Philosophy

President’s Message

The Pastry, Touching Your Heart

We started the cake manufacturing with the willingness of “Let more and more people to enjoy the delicious pastries with beautiful dream”.
There is long history for pastry. Every delicious pastry represents the different Japanese cooking cultures. So to say, whenever pastries are integrated into our daily life – celebration, sadness, happiness and gratitude etc.
Now everyone is taken the food safety very serious. For pastries, there are more requirements than shape, color and taste.

Under this situation, we must manufacture tasty and safe pastries and study day and night on how to make high quality pastries with high nutritional values.
The silkie chicken, as the main raw materials, are coming from the worldwide high level and professional purebred silkie chicken farm in Tokagawa city, Kagawa Prefecture.

The farm locates in valleys. There are the nature brooks & streams and ideal sunlight time, which is important to grow the silkie chicken in the best environment.
The silkie eggs draw lots of attentions as anti-aging foods since they have more Vitamins and minerals etc. than the normal eggs. The silkie chicken and eggs are the main raw materials of UKOKKEIHONPO’s products. The customers can enjoy the delicious foods, in the mean time their health benefits from the foods.

Taste our pastries, Build link between the delicious foods and health, Enjoy the wonderful life.

Looking forward to your presence!

Company Name (in Japanese) 株式会社 烏骨鶏本舗
Company Name (in English) UKOKKEIHONPO Co.,Ltd.
Address 112-banchi, 4-chome, Kumano-cho, Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan (Postcode: 503-0032)
Tel 0584-92-3618 (Operator)
Fax 0584-92-3046
Founding Date September 14,2007
Registered Capital Japanese Yen 10 million
Accounting Period August 31 (once a year)
Representative President Chiaki Ishihara
Bank Name Ogaki-Eki Branch, Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank; Arao Branch, Ogaki Shinkin Bank
No of Employees 9
Business Description Marketing of the pastries and foods made from silkie chicken and eggs
Legal Advisor Maruhama Law Office      Lawyer Suzuki
3F, Sassa Center, No 18, 13-banchi, 1-chome, Higashi Ward, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture
Sassa Center 3F
(Postcode: 461-0004)
Tel: 052-935-1900      Fax: 052-935-1950
Main customers Seino Holdings Co., Ltd.; Dinos Cecile Co., Ltd.; Senshukai Co., Ltd.; Narita Airport; Takashimaya Co., Ltd.;
West Nippon Expressway Retail Co., Ltd.; Matsuzawa Co., Ltd.; Itochu-Shokuhin Co., Ltd.; Nippon Access Co., Ltd.;
JALUX Co., Ltd.; Tokai Kiosk Company; Wakura-cho Kagaya Hotel; Spa Resort Miyanoshita Hakoneginyu;
Iwatani-I-Collect Co., Ltd.; Shaddy Co., Ltd.; Memoria Holdings Co., Ltd.; Maruhan Co., Ltd.; Japan Post
Holdings Co., Ltd. etc.
Main products Silkie Cake, Silkie Baumkuchen, Silkie Pound Cake, Silkie Rusk, Silkie Chips, Silkie Waffle, Silkie Egg Roll, Silkie Eggtart, Silkie Pudding and other desserts, Silkie Chicken, Silkie Chicken Soup, Silkie Liquid Egg
(bactericidal treatment), Silkie Liquid Egg, Silkie Chicken Stuffing

Our Staff

  • Chiaki Ishihara

    I have made more and more friends after I learned the silkie chicken. We present the advantages and functions of silkie chicken via our delicious pastries.
    Now I can’t help myself on Silkie Chips.

  • Fujiko Okuma

    Customers’ compliments are my motivation for hard working. My favorite is Silkie Baumkuchen! Wish our Silkie products are the No 1 in Japan.

  • Manabu Fukuoka

    I joined the company with the thoughts to share the delicious Silkie Cake what I tasted. Now I am travelling everywhere to introduce our products. Please come to me if you would like to taste.
    I recommend Silkie Cake and Silkie Baumkuchen to you. They are so amazing!

  • Haruyasu Ito

    My name is Ito. When I learned the advantages of Silkie eggs, I start to like my current job very much. Silkie products are not only delicious, but also have very high nutritional values. To enjoy deliciou and healthy foods will bring the happiness to people. I like Silkie egg and Silkie Baumkuchen.

  • Kanako Tani

    Hi, This is Ishihara. I fall in love with the Silkie Rusk of UKOKKEIHONPO at the first sight. The rusk is so different, is in a cube-shape and very crispy. You must try!

  • Yurina Hanai

    I must work hard with the full of energy which is brought from Silkie chicken!
    I love Silkie Pudding very very much.

  • Daiyu Watanabe

    Everyday I work hard to understand Silkie Chicken.
    I love Silkie Cake.

  • Mariko Kawade

    I wish everybody knows how delicious are the silkie desserts.
    My favorite is Silkie Waffle.



Postcode: 503-0032
112-banchi, 4-chome, Kumano-cho, Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan
Tel: 0584-92-3618


Postcode: 511-0044
80 Kayamachi.Kuwana-shi.Mie-ken
TEL: 0594-84-7010

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0584-76-1717 (Working time: 9:00-12:00)

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