Essence of Silkie Chicken

Normally, a hen can produce 250-300 eggs every year, but a silkie hen only can produce about 40 eggs per year.
The silkie eggs are rare and with the higher nutritional values than other eggs.


Silkie Eggs Make Your Body Healthier

Japanese eat the eggs frequently


According to the statistic data of IEC (Japanese Standards Association) (investigated in 2011),
Japanese eat 324 eggs per person every year.
The eggs are contained almost in every kind of food.
The silkie eggs will bring enormous nutritional values by replacing the normal eggs.
Hope you would like to have a healthier body via changing some normal foods to Ukokkeihonpo’s foods.

The Nutritional Elements in Silkie Egg

Silkie chicken were the material using in the medicated foods for Chinese imperial court.
Silkie chicken contain the minerals such as Zn etc. which are difficult to get in the normal foods and abundent Vitamins which have the effect to release the strain around eyes. For the rich Vitamin D, it is helpful to increase the absorption of Calcium, which can increase the bone mineral density and prevent the osteoporosis, special for female.