Some Thoughts for Quality

We sincerely pick up the fresh raw materials according to the strict hygiene management and use the top level technology from experts to provide the safe and delicious foods for the customers.
We hope the well-prepared, safe and delicious food s can please every customer everyday.

Seek for Food Safety

Build the best feeding environment


We have the highest level poultry farm worldwide. Only 16,000 purebred silkie hens are raised in the farm area about 15,000 m2.
We set up the specail fences to avoid the invasion of wide animals and the diseases from migrant birds.
All silkie hens are free-range chicken.
We execute the risk management. In case any accident occurs, we still can assure the healthy of silkie hens.

Feed Preparation


Professional Animal Nutritionists will check the silkie hens every month. They will prepare the feedstuff to reach a best nutrition ingestion balance according to the body changes of silkie hens.

Pursue for Manufacturing process

Inquiries on batch production, leading time and products etc.


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